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Please bear with us, as we update our website, menu, and kitchen! We are turning the tables, and instead of being a “pizza shop” that sells some Gluten Free foods, we’re revamping to a full-fledged Gluten Free Bistro, that sells traditional pizza, as well. All of our fryers, storage areas (save for one cooler), and prep areas (again, save for one small 2×2 table) are gluten free. All staff is trained and certified in traditional food safety, as well as Always Food Safe Allergen Management certified.


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Since 2022

About Spindle City Pizza //

We opened our doors on the Island near the end of 2022, with the intention of finally bringing the area some GREAT pizza – and we did just that! Constantly voted #1 in the area, and with the highest (by far!) ratings of any other place around, it’s no wonder “ol faithful” is a thing of the past. 

In our journey, we found a massive void in the market – GREAT gluten free foods. Having Celiac in the family, we’ve been keen to producing the best tasting, safest food possible – but never thought of bringing it to the public … until now!

Extend a bit of leeway while things are in transition, please! Not all vendors (especially the smaller ones) have what we need, nor do they have the best logistics to get product to us quickly. I promise we’re moving as quickly as inventory & safety allow!


We’ll see you soon!

Food Reimagined

Who knew? You probably wouldn’t have, had we not said anything! Our goal is to produce the highest quality, authentic dishes, sans gluten!

Fresh Ingredients

We don’t have a “walk in freezer” … there’s no making sauce a day ahead of time … we don’t freeze our meats or produce like the other guys. Only fresh, quality ingredients that we put on our own table. 

Local vendors of GF products are encouraged to reach out. We try to stay as local as possible!


Daily Menus

In addition to our weekly specials and menus, we also run daily and weekend menus that offer items not normally listed on our menu. We’ve also got a “grab n go” selection of lunches, dinners, and family-style meals ready for you to grab anytime!

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